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"Clothed in black and bathed in blood, local outfit Bat City Surfers take on macabre personas with their instrumental horror surf. Their music is akin to surf-punk, a sub-genre that emerged in the ‘80s after surf music became popularized in the late ‘50s."

                -Ashley Magenheimer, SMEAR Magazine


            "Still in the realm of musical horror, yet with an instrumental surf rock twist, Bat City Surfers took the stage for a fast-paced and crowd-bumpin’ good time. The four members of the group came decked out in black clothing and star studded shades, looking at ease in front of an ever growing crowd dancing to speedy and dominating surf rock numbers.


One of the audience’s personal favorite was the band’s spin on The Champs’ ever popular hit song, ‘Tequila’, which got the crowd energized and singing along with punched emphasis. Bat City Surfers’ lively set drew to a near close with an anthem for “smoking weed and playing video games”, proving an authenticity that the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously, yet at the same time demonstrating undeniable group cohesiveness and individual instrumental talent."


              - Trish Connelly

Contributing Photographer: Ismael Quintanilla (Maye Marley)

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