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Bat City Surfers would like to thank...


Our families, Katie Mcniff, Porsha Rivera, Affordable Sound, Dave TV, Brooke Wilton, Bad Habit and the Corruptions, Gary Hickinbotham, Brittany Wolfe, Rebekah Lemaster, Joey Bain, Benjamin Walker, Kaleb Asplund, The Nematoads, The Spoils, Soberdaze, Allie Arton, Brandon Watson, Batman, Marvel Comics, Wild Tinderbox, Peter Daze, Cassie Mcintosh, Oompah Fritz, Joe B, Shep and Kelly, Chance, Leah Werner, underground radio stations everywhere, Pyrate Punx, the Red River scene, Michelle Ortegon and all the Fire Station Studio Staff, Music Lab, Linda Mckenna, Gino Scarna, Dave Irish, Turbojugend, Deke Cameroneil, Bethany Jones, Manny Melgar and


Special Thanks to our donors: Rafael Ramos, Cecilia Ramos, Jackie Gibler, Julia Escobar, Kyle Landrum, Andres Mendoza, Carla Rios, Danielle Kilgore, Johhny Leal, and Natalie Jaramillo!!


more to come, this list will be a long one : )



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